No deal on Cuts Except Military. Tax the Corporations and the Wealthy.

Food pantries like this one in Chicago could see a spike in visits as tens of thousands of Cook County residents are at risk of losing food stamps.
 Alyssa Schukar for the Greater Chicago Food Depository,

The 20 year wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost us $21 trillion. Whatever we’ve been doing in the middle east, now Ukraine, and around the world has cost us trillions. Why are we not looking at ending sixty years of human and monetary damage caused by US led forever wars when crying for a balanced budget? 

Corporate profits have increased 14 times since 1980 to $2.8 trillion a quarter. In the same years, most wages have just kept up with inflation. Tax law has increased owner, executive, and trust babies purchasing power a 100 times. They can afford the cost cost of health care, housing and education.  For these essentials, the rest of us have less purchasing power than we did 60 years ago. That is what our budget policy should fix.

Why are we worried about the full faith and credit of the US vs. doing something worthwhile for the future of the country?  This choice is false. The dollar is worth more when we invest in our people, debts get paid, people are able to care for each other.

In light of all the trillions lost for wasteful military campaigns, corporate greed driven inflation, the latest 2017 tax cut for the rich (noticeably kept in place by “Democrats” in power); wars and tax cuts are why we are in debt.

There is no excuse. Follow through on the laws that passed to give us a chance. The Inflation Reduction Act remains intact. People’s health, climate safety, jobs, education, food and ending child poverty, those are the priorities. Move the budget ceiling through! No changes!

If anything, tax the wealthy to make the budget work. The top 10% have $60 trillion and the bottom 50%, 2% of all wealth. That is the problem. The immediate solution would cost the rich 1/30th of their wealth.

The country has a $31 trillion debt and the people making the most money, from the systemically inequitable capital machinery, should pay more. That’s the fix.

Tax corporate profits and the uber wealthy, put military spending on the table. Make no deal for cuts that help people.