“Scott has always been about people and systems. As my neighbor, he organized our block. As my mentor, in the solar company he co-founded, he took the time to train me and get me excited about alternative energy. He thinks strategically and he is keen at designing systems that start with broad concepts yet are rooted in the details of what really works for people, our society, and the natural world. Scott’s enthusiasm is catchy not just because of his great personality, but because he truly cares.”

Yishai Hope

Commercial Solar Project Manager

Scott is a superb collaborator who possesses an extraordinary ability to find the core criterion of any problem set. Police use of force offers such a challenge. His strength lies in his ability to quickly understand and begin planning a course of action that identifies and answers critical questions, identifies skilled experts and practitioners to begin collaboration, and present a vision of a process(s) that broadens understanding. Scott has broadened my perspective to see the inequities in the basic function of the criminal justice system. I am pleased that we will continue to explore the realities of this difficult work.

Calvin E. Handy

Chief of Police, Emeritus, University of California, Davis – University of California, Berkeley

“I’ve worked with him on a number of projects and his ability to balance and respect others’ expertise while being generous with his own make him an effective collaborator. His patience, curiosity, and passion further support his collaborative efficacy on projects regardless of his experience in a particular industry or market segment.”

Neil Ruud

Owner, Ruud Media

“I have put a lot of faith and trust in what Scott has promised me, and he has delivered everything and more. At every step of the business development process I was grateful that I had found him. He brings positivity to challenges and possibilities. Scott has greatly increased my confidence and my understanding of the inner working of business processes.”

Ryan Huston

Founder, Huston Textile

“He worked with a variety of different stakeholders with diplomacy and grace and worked diligently and carefully to construct a plan that deeply reflected the needs and deeper passion of the business owner. In all my experience working with business plan development processes, Scott’s approach was by far the most personable and professional that I’ve ever experienced in this field of work.”

Rebecca Burges

Executive Director, Fibershed